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The Inspiration Behind


The Purple Fox name was inspired by our CEO, Jarrod Clack's father, Robert Clack who served in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine. As Corporal, Robert Clack served with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, also known as the Purple Foxes, adopting their name from a crayon drawing of a purple fox, referred to as "Swifty." While serving with the Purple Foxes, Corporal Robert Clack launched as an aerial gunner on a mission to extract a member of a 10 man reconnaissance patrol in Viet Cong, at which time, came under intense hostile weapon fire, severely damaging the helicopter. Through delivery a heavy volume of suppressive fire, Corporal Clack was able to allow the aircraft to retreat and obtain a replacement helicopter. Volunteering to return to the extraction location, Corporal Clack and his unit were able to successfully extract the injured Marine. Returning for an additional extraction, the Marines were able to successfully extract the remaining Marines of the patrol. It was the heroic actions of Corporal Clack that found him awarded the Air Medal and discharged as Sergeant two years later. 

Sadfully, in 2013, Sergeant Robert Clack passed away due to complications from cancer, presumably as a result of his service in Vietnam and the use of Agent Orange.

Through adopting the Purple Fox name, it is our mission to carry on his legacy with the same respect and integrity that Sergeant Robert Clack carried with him as a member of the U.S. Marines.

Jarrod Clack

CEO |  Videographer

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